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We are primarily a professional web design team and we like to stick to the one in which we are the best. However, in order to simplify things for our clients, we also offer other related services.

Development of static sites

Internet presentation of small-scale, with a few pages, where you can find information about the web site, services, and the like. Self-modifying these pages, it is necessary to know HTML language. If you establish an agreement, we can maintain my site.

Making dynamic sites

In making use content management system (CMS) Word Press, allowing site administrators to independently make changes or add new content without having knowledge of programming.


Redesign of existing web sites

If you have a web site, made several years ago, or you simply want something different, I will take the existing content and create a completely new design, better quality, better and easier.  

Logo and graphic design

Logo is a visual way of effective and clear identification of the market. Logo represents the company, its business and stand out from the competition. Simplicity of shape and form, choice of colors and modern typography, characteristics of a good logo design.

Web Hosting

NaNetu design in collaboration with all clients a quality and reliable web hosting with the best support and services, and domain registration.  


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